Activity 2: Other Helpful Resources

Preparing for College and Making It Through Successfully

In this information age, there are countless websites (good, bad and in-between) that offer suggestions about getting ready for college. Here are some of our favorites and what we like about them:


Go to ths Website:

It’s All About the Links: Shmoop: This webpage has all the links you need for every aspect of preparing for college!

Go to ths Website:

  • A Powerful Package with Videos: Straight outta Nebraska, these guys have it all packed into this one powerful website! Especially cool are all their videos. You and your parents can watch the “How to complete the FAFSA” video together.

Go to ths Website:

Timelines: Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Year: Year-by-year, here’s where to go if you want to check what you’re doing with what you should be doing. Note that there are timelines for you, the student, and separate ones for your parents.

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