The University of Arizona (UA) is a land-grant, public institution of higher education designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution with deep roots based in service and education to our diverse and underserved communites. AZ-Hope was developed by the UAHS and its Tucson and Phoenix Colleges of Medicine, Public Health, and Pharmacy, along with a network of partnerships with community organizations and educational institutions, with impactful and broad service to the educational pipline for allied health and health professionals in our state.

UAHS's Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (UAHS EDI), with a long history of dedication to serving the educational and health needs of all Arizonans, is uniquely positioned as an impactful collaborator and leader in community engagement, health career preparation support, cultural services, and diversity workforce development, to lead the programmatic effors of this program.

AZ-Hope and its partners have a history of serving students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds, recognizing the need for programs that support students' educational endeavors and help them overcome numerous barriers on the pathway to becoming health professionals.

AZ-HOPE has strong commitment to serving disadvantaged communities and help alleviate ou state's urgent needs, and will accomplish this by providing:

  • Outreach and engagement of potential candiates;
  • Student empowerment and learning support services;
  • Health career exposure including service-learning opportunities in disadvantaged community settings;
  • Mentoring, training, research and clinical experiences;
  • Peer/cohort support;
  • Research participation; and
  • On-line curricular offerings and virtual learning communities.