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Fighting the Quarantine Blues

With all the disruption we’ve faced lately, most of us are experiencing some level of “the blues” at times.  Between social isolation, financial worries, and losing the comfort of our routine, it’s no wonder we might feel down!  Try some of these tips to help yourself feel better:


Wellness in the Time of Covid-19: Avoid Information Overload!

The current Covid-19 crisis is impacting all of a University community, city, state, nation, and world.  Being such a “hot topic,” there is an unlimited amount of information to consume on every platform imaginable.  Newspapers, websites, social media...literally everywhere! 

Here’s a Primer on how to avoid Catastrophe by Therapeutic Misadventure

Kaye Godbey
UA Campus Health Service

Tips for College Students: After a Disaster or Other Trauma

How Yoga Makes You Healthier and Happier

Master in Public Health student shares her experience on the benefits of yoga. 

Who Listens to Listeners?

Health Science students and health providers often find themselves in the role of the caregiver to friends and family. Here is an excellent article on the importance of identifying a personal support system.

NURSE-ing Your Brain to Protect it From Stress

As the new semester begins, there is much excitement and anticipation—and often much stress. School can bring many additional responsibilities and it can seem that our own care is last on the list.

Anywhere, Anytime: Online Mental Health Supports

As school gets back into session and the stress of new responsibilities grows, many students may find a need for additional mental health support. Online resources have grown tremendously over the past few years.

How to access Mental Health Care

Accessing mental health care can be a confusing and daunting task. In a moment of distress, it can seem overwhelming. Here are a few pointers. There are many places to ask for help to guide through this process.