Our Best Work Environment


Our History

In the spring of 2019, Our Best Work Environment (OBWE) Strategic Plan Implementation Initiative 5.1A (previously named Reinforcing our Cultural Aspirations) held 19 Praxis workshops with 247 faculty and staff in attendance.  The Praxis workshops were led by Dr. Andrea Romero, Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs, Sara Knepper, Director of Academic Advising and Michelle Rascon- Cañales, PhD student in Anthropology.  The process was informed by the Effective Academic Governance report derived from the Harvard COACHE survey (Wellundemo & Mathews, 2015). The workshops sought to build consensus around action areas to create our best work environment.  Action steps were identified that could be implemented at the unit level as well as recommendations for leaders related to community involvement, communication, and ideas to break down silos and bring the university community together.


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