Message from the Co-Chairs

On behalf of our co-chairs, Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Lipsy and Dr. Tarnia Newton, we would like to welcome you to the UAHS LGBTQ+ Interest Group!

The UAHS LGBTQ+ Interest Group serves our five Health Sciences Campuses in Tucson and Phoenix (College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing and College of Public Health). We work toward creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment for LGBTQ+ students, staff, faculty, residents, fellows, and patients. Our group aims to sustain visibility and a sense of community throughout our four colleges’ sites and to provide programming and education on LGBTQ+ issues which pave the path towards understanding the adversities faced by those who are marginalized. We are committed to building workplace equity, promoting student & staff leadership, and providing high-quality, culturally-congruent care to our patients. We take an intersectional approach to our work and believe that combating one form of oppression means combating all forms of oppression. We are committed to promoting equity and respect for all people and strive to build a community of inclusivity at the University of Arizona.

Founded in 2016, and the original group in the UAHS system, the UAHS LGBTQ+ Interest group celebrates multiple events to engage in building community and to educate about the health issues surrounding LGBTQ+ people. We encourage you to:

  • Join our group and attend our monthly meetings, taking place every 3rd Tuesday 
  • Subscribe to our list serve (link here) and follow our University-wide announcements
  • Attend our multiple events and speaker series thorough out the academic year 
  • Participate or schedule an UAHS LGBTQ+ Safe-Zone training for your team
  • Sponsor our group and/or events
  • Various resources and expertises provided
  • Contact us to participate in a Lavender Graduation, held in August, December and May
  • Donate to our crowdfund campaign

We invite you to partner with us in making the University of Arizona Health Sciences Campus a safer, inclusive and affirming space for all. We look forward to the opportunity of engaging in dialogue and meeting you around campus. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns.


Elizabeth Hall-Lipsy, JD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Science
Director, PharmD Forward Programs
Director, Health Disparities Professional Certificate

Tarnia Newton, DNP, FNP-C 
Clinical Assistant Professor
University of Arizona College of Nursing
"Be the Change you want to see in the World"