AZ-HOPE Bridge

HRSA AZ-HOPE Bridge program is in its second year of the HRSA grant.  This is a statewide collaborative effort enhancing the pipeline of disadvantaged individuals who seek a career in allied health and health professions.  This 5 year 3.2 M grant leverages the programing and resources invested by UAHS to expand our ability to reach high-school, community college, undergraduate students, including adult non-traditional learners and military veterans.  

We successfully hosted virtually ten transfer and non-traditional students matriculating into The University of Arizona with aspirations of higher education and a career in allied health and health professions.  This program is fully funded by HRSA grant.  We received seventy-eight applications, forty-five completed an application, and ten accepted and completed the program.  Eight of the ten students were Latinx and two were Native American.  Eight of the ten students were female and two were male.  Three students were from a border region and four from a rural area.  Of the six who responded to post evaluation, all six rated the program as excellent.
Students received five college credits for completing three courses: AED 195, EDL 297, and HPS 387.  They also completed a Final Video project.  Additional virtual workshops students received during their five weeks were:

Professional Readiness Workshops:


  • Financial Literacy 
  • Understanding Expectations
  • Resume building and cover letters
  • Online etiquette 
  • Wellness and Balance
  • Mental Health Workshops:
  • Self-Care for Student Success
  • Impact of thoughts on feelings and behavior
  • Mindfulness and mental wellness 
  • Trauma, the brain and trauma informed care
  •  Academic Skillset Workshops:
  • Key Study Skills.               
  • Test taking and stress management
  •  Personal statements
  • Speed reading and notetaking 
  • Research 101 


  • Transcripts
  • One Letter of Recommendation: From a professional who can attest to your abilities.
  • Eligibility:
  • Undergraduate Students and Incoming first-year students

Stipend Fund:

  • $1,500

“During the AZ-HOPE Summer Bridge, I felt included and felt as if the staff made us part of a family, and it will be something I will always hold on to.” 


Q: “What is your Why for wanting to be a healthcare professional?” 

“I want to help people out and inspire them to keep pushing forward no matter what comes their way. Specifically, I want to be able to help out children when they get things like cancer or other illnesses.”