Activity 1: Write a Draft

Using Specific, Descriptive Language

Either tell a story that shows how you were transformed by specific experiences – or use a variety of specific examples that demonstrate the person you are. Focus on what they don’t already know – especially the stories and images which best demonstrate your character.

Revision Is Everything

As you reread your work, make sure to:

  • omit all vague words
  • read your work aloud, adding in punctuation and transitions when needed, and combining or dividing sentences when they sound awkward
  • ask other adults to read your draft and make suggestions
  • ask a teacher to read your final draft 
  • avoid saying anything obvious (e.g. “My name is John Doe and I’m writing this letter with hopes of being accepted at The University of Arizona”).


Go to the following Websites

Upload your draft to your portfolio.

  • Draft a personal statement. Don’t worry about the length for your first draft.
  • After getting feedback from other readers, revise your statement.
  • When revising, follow the length limit set by the UA: No more than 500 words.

Congratulations on completing Module 9! 
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