Activity 2: Quiz

Take this interactive quiz to see what you learned!

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1. The PSAT is

a Not a good use of your time or money

b Both practice and a predictor for the SAT

c Risky to take, as colleges you apply to will see if you got a low score


2. If you do decide to take the PSAT, plan to do so

a Right away

b October of your sophomore year in high school

c October of your junior year in high school


3. Many schools, including the University of Arizona

a Don’t require either the ACT or the SAT to apply

b Require a minimum overall score of 1500 on the SAT

c Require a minimum overall score of 28 on the ACT


4. One reason to take the ACT or the SAT, even if your school of choice doesn’t require it, is

a To do well, and balance out a below-average high school GPA

b To do well, and be considered for scholarships

c To learn what areas you’re weak in, so that you can improve on those areas before college

d All of the above


5. If you’re strong in science, but not in writing you might do better on the




6. If you’re strong in writing, but not in science, you might do better on the




7. Whichever exam you take, plan to register in the fall, so that you can take it

a Spring of your sophomore year

b Spring of your junior year

c Spring of your senior year


8. If paying the $50 fee to take the exam is a hardship for your family, you should

a Not take the exam

b Ask your counselor for a fee waiver

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