Activity 3: Review & Discussion

Answer the following questions in your Portfolio.

  • What Honors or AP classes can you take next semester at your high school?
  • What community college is closest to your house?
  • Does your high school offer dual enrollment courses (you take the class at your high school for both high school and community college credit)?
  • What is one class relevant to your career or university goals that you can take this summer or next semester at a community college near you?
  • Write a list of questions for your counselor about challenging classes you can take.

Join the Discussion

Write about one or more of the following questions that interest you:

  • Have you taken an honors, AP and/or community college before? Describe the class. Do you think it was college level? Why or why not?
  • What honors or AP course would you most like to see offered at your school?

To see what AP courses exist, click here:

Congratulations on completing Module 5! 

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