Activity 2: Community Colleges


Go to this Website:

  • Find your top choice career. Under “Job Detail” click on “Show List of Schools.” Read through the list of schools. Pick one that interests you and click on the school’s website.

As you browse the above website, write down the following information about the school in your Portfolio.

  • What is the application process?
  • What is the phone number to call if you have questions about admissions?
  • Do they have any special programs for high school students?
  • Where is the college located?
  • Find the link to the class schedule. Pick a subject that interests you. Scan through the classes offered. What is one class you might like to take?
  • Look for a link to Career Services. Does the school offer Career Services?
  • Find the link to student clubs. Scan through the list. What is one club you might like to check out?

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