Activity 2: Length of Education After HS

Another way to consider which health career path is best for you is to ask if you like being a student. The Arizona Area Health Education Centers Program has divided health careers into two groups:

  • those that require 3 or more years of education
  • those that require 3 years or less


Go to this Website:

  • Decide if you are more likely to want to finish your education in 3 years or less or more than 3 years.
  • Click on the appropriate health profession title. Read through all the job titles listed.

In your Portfolio

  • Pick two professions that interest you from website and write in your portfolio.
  • For each job, write down the expected salary range.
  • Click on “Show List of Schools.” Write down the name of two schools that offer degree/certification programs for that job.

Join the Discussion

What’s your top career choice at this time, and why?

Congratulations on completing Module 2! 

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