Activity 2: Quiz

Take this interactive quiz to see what you learned!

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1. The way to apply for federal grants and other kinds of aid is to

Complete the FAFSA

Ask for a federal application from the school you are applying to

Federal grants for college don’t exist

2. Federal grants for college, which are based on income and financial need are noteworthy in that

They are rarely given out

They are gifts and do not need to be paid back

You must pay them back, with interest

3. The FAFSA is completed

On a paper form in your high school

In the FAFSA office


4. Complete the FAFSA in your Senior year in high school. We recommend that you submit it by

January 1

February 14th—Valentine’s Day!

June 1

5. You will need the following in order to fill out the FAFSA

Last year’s W2 forms (if you, the student worked)

W2 forms from your parents

Family assets

Last year’s tax forms (for you, if you filed) from your parents

A Pin number

Your college’s school code

All of the above

6. Subsidized student loans are best because

The government pays the interest while you’re in school

They don’t have to be paid back

They are larger than unsubsidized loans

7. As a student relying on loans, grants and scholarships to pay for your education, you can help yourself out by

Following the required academic performance guidelines for any scholarships you’ve earned

Managing your money wisely

Minimizing loans, as they need to be paid back

All of the above

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